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    Agent franchise policy。

    SanNeng facing global investment company, agent in many applicants, select qualified to join in, guarantee agreement within the regional exclusive agent of the company production of automobile tail plate, cllimbing trolley (height adjustment plate), lift platform, make sure to join a, a success.

    We will provide the following support:

    1。 The brand management and operation system of sanenergy electromechanical system provides first-class brand image for all franchisees: unified logo, unified product, unified pricing system。

    2. The advertising sample is free of charge, and the dealer's deposit is not accepted.

    3。 Direct supply。 The complete set of professional products and accessories optimization plan, three energy companies direct supply, no intermediate links, low cost。

    4。 Cost-effective products: medium and high-end logistics equipment, facing the national warehousing and logistics industry。

    5. Various varieties and complete styles can enable most users to purchase the tailboard of each model and the hydraulic boarding bridge (height adjustment plate).

    6。 Follow the supervision, conduct comprehensive assessment of the price, quality, service and the regional environment of the franchisee, and issue the appraisal report, which will lay a solid foundation for our success。

    7。 Regional protection: ensure exclusive operation in the agreed territory。

    8。 Unified promotion: provide unified advertising and promotional activities for all kinds of three types of advertising。

    Ii。 Signing requirements。

    1。 The agent and the dealer shall have a one-year signing system, and the dealer must implement the market operation strictly according to the relevant system stipulated in the distribution agreement。

    2。 For the first time, the agent shall order more than 100,000 yuan from the head office for the agency contract to take effect。

    3. The company can provide the advertisement of the car and the tail board of the computer, the agent makes the installation rack, and cooperate to install the advertisement signboard near the agent shop or the factory.

    4. As an agent, I am applying for more than three product salesmen and more than three installation and maintenance personnel, including at least one welder and an electrician.

    5, agents should be equipped with electric welding machine, acetylene cutting equipment, lift forklift, magnetic drill, fax machine sets, 30 #, 32 #, 17 # and 19 #, 13 #, 10 #, 30 #, 32 #, 8 # open end wrench and socket wrench the two parts.

    6。 The agent shall prepare the installation and repair site for more than 100 square meters and have a 380V ac power supply。 The site should be located in a large truck with frequent traffic and a wide road with large circulation。

    7. When the sales volume of the agent reaches the company, 2% of the order amount is returned; There will be more rebates when sales reach more than one hundred units.

    8。 The agent and distributor shall strive to achieve the sales target in accordance with the provisions of the distribution agreement within the agreement year:

    A, complete the annual sales target is, without any violation of this management approach, according to the two sides signed a "sales contract" regulation of give corresponding rebate, and can renew next year's cooperation, rebates will be distributed to dealers in the form of goods, but not included in the next year's sales.

    B. Failing to achieve the annual business objectives, the sales volume is not up to 80% of the distribution contract, the company shall not be returned to the company, and shall have the right to cancel the general agent qualification and seek another agent in the same area.

    In case of any of the following circumstances, the company may cancel its agent qualification。

    1. Without the permission of the company, it is not allowed to reduce the price without authorization, and the dumping of low-priced products will seriously affect the company's brand image and hinder the development of the market. The company has the right to withdraw its power of agency.

    2。 The agent store shall not display the products other than the brand recognized by the company, or the agent shall have the right to disqualify the agent。

    3, agents selling fake SanNeng mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., produced a series of brand products, the company has the right to cancel the agent qualification, and in the same area to find another agent, if the circumstances are serious will be investigated for legal responsibility.

    4. The company has the right to revoke the agency right after the after-sale service of the agent is not in place and has serious impact on the company.

    5。 The agent shall have the right to cancel the agency qualification and seek another agent in the same area without the company's permission to sell the products across the region and bring influence to other dealers。

    4。 The company may apply for approval if there is any of the following。

    1。 If there are large items to be sold during the sales process, we can apply to the head office for a large project price。

    2. Have a good understanding of the situation in this region and have a good sales plan, which can be applied to the company.

    3, if due to special circumstances, such as a large project or undeveloped area and inter-district sales, agent shall apply to the company, reasonable adjustment according to actual situation, by the company for approval to sell。 The sales performance of cross-district sales is owned by the distributor in the region, and the after-sales service is also responsible for the dealers in the region。

    Five, the other

    1, the agent should actively expand sales team, the product price, packing etc. Put forward reasonable Suggestions and collect market information of this product or similar products, deliver timely business conditions, sales, inventory and other information to company, keeping close contact with the company

    2. Maintain the brand image of the company, and shall not have any act of denigrating the company's products or reputation.

    3. It shall not disclose the company's trade secrets to others for any reason, especially its competitors, and the violators shall be fined heavily. If the circumstances are serious, they will be investigated for legal responsibility.

    4, to set up the unified national brand, enhance brand competitiveness, the company agents and agents must be used products of the same name, advertising, publicity, sales promotion, packaging, business CARDS and other system information。

    5. Other agents may negotiate with the head office separately. If you succeed, don't thank us, it's just your vision and the reward you deserve!

    Vi. The principal responsible person of the agent.

    1. General manager of global investment: he sheng 13501582058.

    2. Marketing director of guangdong province: liu sheng 13510347079/ zhou sheng 13510347259.

    3. Marketing director of other provinces: he sheng 13632676681.

    Agent franchise policy.

    SanNeng facing global investment company, agent in many applicants, select qualified to join in, guarantee agreement within the regional exclusive agent of the company production of automobile tail plate, cllimbing trolley (height adjustment plate), lift platform, make sure to join a, a success.

  • 1. General manager of global investment: he sheng 13501582058.

    2. Marketing director of guangdong province: liu sheng 13510347079.Zhou Sheng 13510347259

    3。 Marketing director of other provinces: he sheng 13632676681。

    Agent franchise policy。

    SanNeng facing global investment company, agent in many applicants, select qualified to join in, guarantee agreement within the regional exclusive agent of the company production of automobile tail plate, cllimbing trolley (height adjustment plate), lift platform, make sure to join a, a success。

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The most professional brand service, for you to create higher value
SanNeng car tail board is a kind of cantilever loading and unloading device, which is installed in trucks and all kinds of airtight vehicle tail, is about 300 to 600 kg of lift platform, based on on-board battery powered hydraulic lifting handling equipment. It has all the functions of loading and unloading of motor forklifts, and all the motors, valves, high-pressure pumps, oil cylinders, lifting devices and control switches on the forklift. It can greatly improve the efficiency of transportation and handling, and the three-energy tail plate is one of the necessary equipment for modern logist...
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Vertical type cargo-lifts have traditional traction type elevator safety devices at the same time, also has: overflow valve: can prevent the upward motion of the system pressure is too high, emergency manual valve, power failure occurs, can make the capsules emergency position down to the nearest floor to open the door, manual pump: when the system failure occurs, the manual pump can be manipulated with high pressure oil to make the car up to the nearest floor location; Pipeline rupture valve: when the hydraulic system pipeline rupture capsules stall falls, can automatically cut off the oil st...
Shenzhen sanpower electromechanical equipment co., LTD was established on April 1, 2002.
The production capacity is 200 million yuan, and has been awarded "the utility model patent certificate of the automobile tailboard utility model and the utility model patent certificate of the automobile tail board oil cylinder.
News The pioneers and leaders of the industry。
  • Mobile hydraulic boarding bridges are widely used in cargo platforms without loading and unloading equipment and mobile loading and unloading places, and are special auxiliary equipment for cargo handling used in conjunction with forklifts. The advantage is that with the help of this equipment, the forklift can drive directly from the ground into the interior of the car compartment for batch loading and unloading operations. The product adopts artificial hydraulic power and does not need to be connected to power supply. Only one person is required to operate the cargo, which can be safely and ...
    2020 - 06 - 07
  • Recently, Shenzhen Sanneng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of 'AAA Credit Unit' by 315 National Credit System Credit Enterprise Certification and Changfeng International Credit Evaluation (Group) Co., Ltd.Enterprise credit evaluationEnterprise credit evaluation refers to: an independent, neutral professional institution, entrusted by the evaluation object, in accordance with the principle of 'objectivity, fairness, and science', based on standardized evaluation items and content, using standardized procedures and scientific methods To conduct investigation,...
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  • Shenzhen Sanneng Electromechanical Co。, Ltd。 is a large manufacturer specializing in the production of elevator lifting platform equipment。 Sanneng has a wide variety of elevator equipment, mainly two types of hydraulic unloading platforms, fixed lifts and mobile lifts。 Scissor lift platforms are one of them。 Let us take a look at the working principle of the hydraulic lifting platform。Working principle of scissor lift unloading platform: it is a kind of elevator equipment composed of hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism and support mechanism for lifting goods。 The bottom layer of t。。。
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  • The correct operation of the hydraulic adjustment plate of the logistics storage loading and unloading platform guides the logistics storage loading and unloading platform with only a single operation, which can realize the safe and fast loading and unloading of the goods. The loading and unloading platform is hydraulically driven and the operation is simple and convenient. It can flexibly connect the cargo bed with the freight cars of different heights, so that the loading and unloading and handling vehicles can enter and exit the freight cars unhindered unhindered. The height is high and the...
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  • Adult gift to Sanneng Company:At the age of eighteen, for one person, it means the end of the child ’s age, it means growing up, it means more responsibility, but for a company, the journey of eighteen years is long and full of entrepreneurial Hard and sour. Sanneng has gone through an extraordinary eighteen years. Throughout China's private enterprises, companies that can persist for more than a decade have become phoenixes. For 18 years, Sanneng Company has always been customer-centric, with 'focusing on logistics warehousing, reducing labor intensity, and doubling labor efficiency' as its c...
    2020 - 04 - 17
  • The height adjustment board (also called fixed boarding bridge) is a special auxiliary equipment for fast cargo loading and unloading, which plays a very important role in the whole storage loading and unloading process。 Bridges, forklifts and other handling vehicles can directly drive into the trucks for bulk loading and unloading of goods。 Only a single operation is required to realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods。 The height adjustment board (also known as: boarding bridge) allows enterprises to reduce a lot of labor, improve work efficiency, and obtain greater economic benefits。。。
    2020 - 04 - 17
  • The hydraulic tail plate can be divided into the following three forms according to the structure:1。 Cantilever tail plateThe structure is more complicated, the load capacity is large, and the angle of the board surface can be adjusted。 It is suitable for various special transportation vehicles such as vans, gondola, post, and banks。2。 Vertical tail plateThe structure is novel。 The chain is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to realize the vertical movement of the load platform。 The installation is simple and the load is small。 It is mainly used for airport food trucks and gas cylinder transport。。。
    2020 - 04 - 14
  • In recent years, the installation of tailgates on trucks has become more and more popular. Why is this? Because the popularity of lifting tailgates is also quite high, today I will introduce you to the artifact of hydraulic tailgates. The cost of the logistics industry is getting higher and higher, and large companies have begun to try their best to save operating costs, and gradually a device for lifting the tailgate has been derived.First of all, what is the lift tail plate? Simply put, it is a truck-mounted loading and unloading device that is installed at the rear of the vehicle to facilit...
    2020 - 04 - 12
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